Computer Sense offers your organization certified software specialists who can supply the best quality instruction. We aid you learn your software applications thoroughly in a simplified, easy to understand format. Our trainers not only teach the software applications but can relate to your requirements due to their real life experience in the business world of applying their own experience in practical applications.

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  City Wooster, OH
  Zip Code 44691
  Address 2098 Portage Rd # 200
  Phone Number (330) 262-2343

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You will find the highest quality software instructors, consultants, and programmers at Computer Sense. Our technical staff is selectively chosen to represent excellence in their subject matter, the ideals of professionalism, and the most effective communication skills. We pride ourselves on having hands-on practical experience that we can teach from and not just "book knowledge". All of our qualified and experienced technology staff members can help you to apply concepts in the most effective manner!

We stay on top of technology to keep ourselves a step ahead in order to pass the knowledge onto YOU! Our clients have come to rely on us to steer their software upgrade training plans, to have us build complex spreadsheet macros, and to develop specialized databases to manage some of their organization's information. You get a technology relationship with Computer Sense - if we don't have the answers for you then we will certain pull together the necessary resources to make sure your needs are met!

Computer Sense has its own training facility to accommodate group training or we will come to your site to conduct training. Various levels of training are offered depending on the software application of interest. Skill assessments are available in an effort to appropriately place students in the class level they need. A training manual or other detailed handout, class files, and refreshments are included within our comfortable surroundings. Volume discounts are available too, so please contact us for a consultation on how you can qualify to learn more for less!

Fun and creativity are what it is all about in PowerPoint. But do you realize all of the hidden features of PowerPoint that can really make your presentation easier to put together let alone more effective to present to your audience? If not, then this is the session for you! The Advanced class concepts will further enhance your abilities to effectively communicate ideas in a PowerPoint presentation. You will take a deeper look into the behind-the-scenes settings that control much of what the presentation shows to the audience.

Ever wondered if you are doing things the hard way or long way in Word? Well then come and learn Word Tips and Tricks! The concepts learned will be put to use immediately in making you more efficient and effective in Word! Word Basics is designed as an introduction to basic word processing concepts. The learner will create, edit, save and print documents. Text enhancements from character to paragraph to page formatting is taught towards the ultimate point of printing the document. Learn about the different field types available for the form data entry, along with how to protect the form before distributing it.