Increase productivity with our custom software training. Discovery Training Services has been delivering high-quality PC training solutions for businesses in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts since 1993. Discover our award winning difference. Software upgrades are expensive and can be disruptive when major changes affect every day tasks.

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Since 1993, Discovery Training Services delivers full-service talent development, training and technology consultation services. Customize solutions 24 x7 onsite at your location, and with our full service training, registration, learning governance and training development, organizationl development and change management solutions for businesses, organizations and municipalities. Build skills, morale and best practices with Discovery's expertise, including award-winning etiquette, technology, leadership and social media policy consulting.

Discovery Training Services is a full service training, women-owned company since 1993. Our solutions bundle software, communication, marketing and technology learning into customized solutions for healthcare, education, non -profit, retail, financial, corporate and municipal partners. Award-winning community service and legislative advocacy complement our comprehensive training, reporting and curriculum writing services. From the classroom, to the boardroom to the Capitol -- Discovery ensures your needs are represented and fulfilled.

The investment in employee training builds morale, increases productivity and overall skill proficiencies. Your teams benefit from best practices, software tips and targeted, onsite classroom instruction using your files. Whether individual or team training, each class balances your organizational priorities and increases efficiency, job skills and on -the - job practice. The 'win - win' translates into improvement on the individual levels, as well as corporate profitability, corporate image, performance -- and other key benefits.

This book details business best practices for technology etiquette in email, texting, social media, conferencing and file distribution. This book creates a framework of expectations to set between employer and employees for technology manners. These recommendations harness technology's benefits while understanding implications to human resources, branding, legal and compliance considerations for policy making. Our best practices foster a balance between the efficiency, marketing and socialization benefits of technology, while safeguarding the corporate culture, its intelligence and its brand.

Discovery Training Services offers a local, cost- effective training curriculum for Microsoft, Adobe and standard office software. Customize training to your work needs, at your location and at your level. Review course outlines below, or design your own.

How did your company do on best practices? As you identify gaps to your standards, it is time to make a change in documentation, resourcing and leveraging database efficiencies. Your failure to make a change today is costing you time, money, and professional credibility -- and at worst, customer impact. Every data error, whether recognized by your employee or your customer is a risk and a call to action. Email our Registrar today to set-up a free consultation on how we can help.

Mention this offer and receive a free protocol manual with your training class. Valued at $500+, DTS will create and provide an editable field or task manual for your internal use. This provides an ideal starting point to standardize data entry and establish best data practices on a long term basis. Reserve a DTS consultant for a 2 hour exclusive consultation to complete any project and clear your inbox! Do you need to create a spreadsheet, a presentation or a form? Let an expert solve your software issue and facilitate a solution-- then train you on how to complete!

Discovery Training Services targets customized computer training and consulting for business professionals. Classes are available 24/7 onsite at your place of business or as a webinar and customized for all skill levels.