NH Learning Solutions (NHLS) is a network of 16 New Horizons Computer Learning Centers across ten Midwestern and Northeastern states, including Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, and is one of the largest groups of New Horizons training centers in America.

New Horizons offers an extensive selection of vendor-authorized training and certifications for top technology providers, such as Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. In fact, we are Microsoft's largest training provider—delivering more than 40% of all authorized MS training worldwide. Choosing proper training or certification paths is often difficult, but our clients appreciate how easy we make that process. New Horizons can help your company align the appropriate learning solutions to each of your department's needs, including software upgrades or company-wide deployment. We also have the ability to help managers realize training opportunities that they would have otherwise overlooked.

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  City Chicago, IL
  Zip Code 60607
  Address 525 W. Van Buren St.
  Phone Number (773) 693-6000

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Career Training Programs

New Horizons is a leading global training company with a long history of helping individuals achieve their career goals. For more than 30 years, we have taken great pride in delivering training programs and career services that go far beyond the classroom experience.

We understand that your ultimate goal is to pursue a new career or advance your existing one, which is why New Horizons offers our students a variety of career services that are designed to help you achieve all of your professional objectives.


Moving User Profiles and Data in Windows 10

http://www.nhls.com - Don't Lose Everything! Be sure user data and settings successfully make the move to the new operating system (OS) with Migration! Microsoft's game changing Windows 10 OS has brought change not only to the desktops but also the systems need to migrate to and maintain them! Let's look at some of these solutions and learn the recommended ways to use them.

Expect Success With CompTIA Security

http://www.nhls.com - IT pros from around the world discuss how the CompTIA Security+ certification propelled their careers forward.

Cisco Small Business Solutions

http://www.nhls.com - See how Zamen Restaurants, a small business in the Netherlands, uses Cisco technology to streamline business, increase efficiency, and make dining more enjoyable.

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