We provide private and group classes on all tech topic for all levels. Including MS Office, Adobe Photoshop Flash web design and more! Affordable rates, patient and knowledgeable.

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Customer Testimonials

David Casuto is the computer professional we'v e all been waiting for. I've been to two of his six-week classes, I've engaged him to set up a highly-rated power-point presentation for me, and he's helped this two-computer family out with problems at home several times. He explains the concept behind what he's doing, he knows intuitively whether you just want him to do what needs to be done OR whether you waht to learn, yourself, what to do.

He comes when he says he's going to, he doesn't waste time but he doesn't rush, his fees are very reasonable. And best of all, he's engaging, he's personable, and he's the oppositive of a nerd stereotype. You can't go wrong!

I hired Dave to teach me a sophisticated piece of software called InDesign. He was very efficient--he showed me only what I needed to know--not all the bells and whistles. I found him to be extremely patient and he has a good teaching method--he shows you and then he lets you do it yourself and that's the only way to really incorporate it. He doesn't jump in and do it for you and he doesn't do too much at one time.

I took flying lessons once upon a time and I had to tell my instructor how to teach me--very frustrating. I feel that Dave really likes people and that he is more interested in teaching than in the showing off his technical prowess. He doesn't seem to be doing this job to support some other venture, he seems to be doing it because he loves it. He loves seeing people master this content.

I highly recommend him and wish you well.

David is great! He is extremely professional. He helped me out immensely when I needed to "ramp up" my Powerpoint skills for a presentation. I work in a small office and don't have to use PP/Excel that much in my job so whenever I am asked to do something like that, I am essentially starting all over again. He's a great find and I will always feel better knowing that he is only a phone call away!

I can't recommend him highly enough! You won't be disappointed.