Tech Training CT is a computer tutor service, as well as a website design provider. Regardless of your ability, I will tailor lessons to enable you to succeed in this digital world. In addition I will provide on-site training for teachers or teams on software and/or technology integration. I have 35 years as an educator and will patiently help you tackle your digital needs.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • I will come to your home or business and provide on-site training - CT & NY.
  • One to one learning.
  • Website design.

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Serviced Areas

  • Connecticut and Eastern New York

Payment Options

  • PayPal, Personal Checks, Google Checkout, cash

Contact Details

  Person Catherine Larson
  City Sandy Hook, CT
  Zip Code 06482
  Address 36 Valley Field Rd So
  Phone Number (203) 312-7277

Business Representative

Catherine Larson


My mission is to empower people to use the technology they have to communicate with family and friends, create documents and more! My strength as an educator is teach this in a non-complicated friendly way. I do not speak geek! I will work with you to help you develop the skills you want to survive and thrive in this digital world!

In addition, I offer workshops for teachers - to incorporate the Web 2.0 tools into lessons. Our students live in a digital world. They are tuning in to social networks and tuning out lecture style teaching.

  • I would not recommend this business
  • None
  • Does gauge audience prior to workshop, doesn't tailor presentation

This presenter did not know what she needed to present to the workshop participants. She may be ok in a one to one situation but I would not hire her for a faculty workshop.

Value for moneyDid not receive training expected
Service & supportDidn't seem in tune with expectations
QualityDidn't engage participants
Overall ratingFair

  • I would recommend this business
  • Patient, Patient, Patient!

Catherine Larson is an extremely qualified individual in the field of computer technology and knowledge. I started working more exclusively with computers a few years ago and when I ran into a problem or had a question, I went to Cath. She, very calmly and patiently, explained whatever question I had and if it needed repeating, she was more than willing to take the time to go through it again. She gave me confidence to try things on my own and the knowledge I could do it.

Value for money
Service & support
LocationShe will come to your location.
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • Quick service, reasonable rates.

Thank you TechTrainingct!! Catherine has done an oustanding job helping both my husband and me with Powerpoint, Word, PDF and Excel presentations for college and work. She has come to our rescue more than once! Catherine has taken the time to teach us the tools we will need going forward to independently master the necessary skill sets to support our business and school requirements.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

From Our Website

What is on your computer? Pictures of your family, tax documents, checkbooks, important correspondence? When the tornado in Oklahoma hit, people had only minutes to take cover. The last thing they thought of was their computer and all the important things it contains. Read why I recommend Carbonite backup. Are you looking for a new job and want to improve your computer skills? Does you present job require that you use Microsoft Office or Google Drive? I can help you learn how to create tables, enter formulas, make PowerPoint slides and more!

Please NOTE: I have recently moved to Kissimme, FL. While my experience and training has been in CT, I now am providing help for those located in Poinciana, Haines City, Winter Haven and Solivita. My formal teaching career has had an interesting journey. I began as a music teacher - primarily a director of bands at Madison Middle School in Trumbull, CT. As personal computers took off, I explored the field of programming and then educational technology, receiving a 6th year degree from Fairfield University in Computers in Education.

Are you looking for a new job and need updated computer skills? Are you in the second phase of your life and would like to learn how to use the computer? Are you homeschooling your children and would like to make sure they are getting the computer literacy skills as outlined through ISTE? You've come to the right place! Isn't it ironic that computers, which should be making our lives easier, are the cause of major frustration at times! The human brain is infinitely more complex and smarter than any computer, but that little machine can make us feel totally incompetent!

Are you homeschooling your children? Are your children struggling with technology? Do not miss out on Technology Education! I am a certified teacher with 35 years of classroom experience. Have your children learn how to utilize word processing, spreadsheet, database, drawing and publication software! Today's projects are not limited to reports and styrofoam storyboards! PowerPoint Presentations, Digital Storytelling using Animoto, PhotoStory, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie are 21st Century real life projects.

Maybe you are comfortable with the technology, but the new version of your software has you confused. Or, maybe you want to learn a new software application. You set the course for your lessons. I will coach you through your technology needs.

The classroom today is changing. Educators need to meet this challenge by using the tools that students use - iPods, Smart Phones, iPads - students are tuned in to the world around them like never before! How can educators harness the enthusiasm students have for these gadgets and turn it into quality learning? Let's explore the possibilities! As a Google certified Teacher, I can work with your staff with Google Apps, Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms and more! Students and teachers can collaborate without the need for email, or setting up a meeting.

Second - From the Chrome Web Store, download the Remote Desktop and install on your computer. When we connect by phone, you will give me that code. This is a one time use code of which you can disconnect at any time. Our connection will allow both you and I manipulating the mouse - but NOT at the same time!

Even if you have an external drive backing up your computer, a natural disaster like a tornado or hurricane can render those backups useless! If you purchase Carbonite through me, I will install it for free and make sure your important documents are protected. Online backup solutions provide protection for your computer files so you can get those files back in the event of a data disaster - saving you time, money and stress. Unlike other antiquated methods of data backup - such as external drives & CDs - there's no hardware to buy, no cables to connect, no training or maintenance required.