Effective January 5, 2009, all classes and team are situated at 777 N. Rainbow Blvd. Established in 1985 and licensed by the Commission on Postsecondary Education in 1989, The Learning Center is one of the oldest private schools in southern Nevada providing information technology training and is approved for VA educational benefits.

Contact Details

  City Las Vegas , NV
  Zip Code 89129
  Address 3291 Nth Buffalo Dr
  Phone Number (702) 365-8885

Don't bother to waste your TIME and MONEY on schools like these and the like that aren't even accredited. they are not schools but simply bussiness's only there to take your money and alot of it. most of their certification classes are around the THOUSANDS!($3,500-$5,000) their a+ cert. is about $3,400 plus about $150 for the test compared to CSN (college of southern nevada) it cost $435 for a+ cert classes.same goes with those medical assistant/massage/beauty schools that charge upto $10,000 or more for their certs. your probably better off studying to be a nurse at a real school(college)wich pays way more and is more rewarding than going to one of those McSchools for 6-8 months forking out $10,000+ and still end up making $10-$13 like you probably already were or can already make without going to schoool. so if your looking for some kind of training/schooling/higher learning check out CSN or UNLV well worth it not some wanna be school wich is really a bussines there to take your time and MONEY. and for those that have a hard time attending school check out CSN or UNLV's online courses for degrees or certifications.check out some tech schools/fake colleges and the such then go to CSN or UNLV and you'll see what i mean. nothing like going to a REAL college.