Can't format the words in Word? Computer Training is our Business. Any of the above courses can be adapted to your individual requirements - Call us! Computer down and you need your Data? Data Recovery Services available. On Site Service in more than 80% of the cases handled. We provide a range of networking services for Home & Small Business.

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  City Bethany, CT
  Zip Code 06524
  Address 36 Perkins Rd
  Phone Number (203) 393-3006

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If you're in need of on-site training for computers and software at your small business or home, Tutors & Computers, Inc. will send a skilled professional out to show you everything you need to become proficient in the technology. We'll will also help you take better control of your information. Let us help move you forward with technology. Whether you need to brush up your skills or want to learn something new, we're here to help you! Having issues with your PC or point of sale system is bad enough.

Time flies when you're having fun, and it flies even faster than that in the world of technology. Case in point: one minute Windows Vista and XP were considered the latest and greatest operating systems. The next thing you know, you're getting alerts telling you that you'll no longer receive support for these systems as they're now considered obsolete! If you're overdue for a systems upgrade, or are having trouble with your current word processing or spreadsheet software, Tutors & Computers, Inc. is here for you.

Is your business or personal computer running really slow? Does it keep freezing, shutting down, or restarting? Is your mouse / keyboard not working like it used to? We can help! We've solved countless computer problems for homes and businesses over the years. It doesn't matter if you need new hardware or software installed-we bring the knowledge and tools needed to get your computer running smoothly again. When you hire Tutors & Computers, Inc., you'll get comprehensive troubleshooting and repair solutions that you can actually count on for your personal or business computer(s).

Just as with anything, disaster can strike at any time. If you want to be rest assured that all of your data is safe and intact during an emergency, then online backups are vital. From business documents to your most treasured files, Tutors & Computers, Inc. offers iBackup online backup services to get the job done. Unlike other backup services our service offers 14 day reserve. Call our office today for information. When it comes to protecting your data, nothings more important that keeping a log of the information somewhere safe in case it's ever lost.

My company has worked with Tutors & Computers, Inc. for decades. Gary Schulman, the owner, and his business offer many services that I have been able to implement with him over the years. I've found him to be extremely capable and much more ethical when in comparison to other high-pressure IT companies who charge too much and inflate their recommendations. Gary is very knowledgeable and inventive in his solutions; his resourcefulness allows him to offer multiple tailored solutions to whatever issue we may encounter.