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Tara is very patient with her customers and is a great help to those who have questions ranging from basic to complex.

Great company to deal with! Tara really knows her stuff.

This presenter did not know what she needed to present to the workshop participants. She may be ok in a one to one situation but I would not hire her for a faculty workshop.

Tara is a competent computer consultant. A good natured individual with a lot of patience. She has taught me all I needed to know for my business projects. With Tara I have accomplished my goals. I highly recommend her, she also has great interpersonal skills.

Catherine Larson is an extremely qualified individual in the field of computer technology and knowledge. I started working more exclusively with computers a few years ago and when I ran into a problem or had a question, I went to Cath. She, very calmly and patiently, explained whatever question

Thank you TechTrainingct!! Catherine has done an oustanding job helping both my husband and me with Powerpoint, Word, PDF and Excel presentations for college and work. She has come to our rescue more than once! Catherine has taken the time to teach us the tools we will need going forward to

This place fixed my computer quickly and at half the cost of my old guy. Highly recommended.

I have nothing to add but to thank you for your special treatment and knowledge that you have combined to help me out. I appreciate it and recommend you to everyone!

TSS has a great staff. Everyone was very helpful and professional. Their instructors are highly degreed and I found them to be extremely knowledgable of subject matter. I would highly recommend them.

These guys fixed my laptop for $75.00, after another local store told me it couldn't be fixed.

This is a good school. i am so glad that i attended. i have learned so much. the instructors are wonderful.

This school is really good I used to go there and know I'm working in the medical field and it only took me 8 months to finish. They also give financial aid for those who qualified and they work with you. They also have good teachers that teach you everything really good.

Great service and a quick turn around. Very professional small company, will work with again.

We had a laptop problem at our business. Peter came out promptly and even went to get the replacememnt part himself that day. I appreciated his friendly, professionalism and will certainly use/reccommend his services again.

Having been in the industry for 10 years, I found C2 to be very complementary in updating my skills in Photoshop & Dreamweaver. I highly recommend them for training!Plus they have GREAT snacks!

Found them with Google, hadn't heard of them but I needed exchange server training and this other company wasn't offering it until the end of March, so I called and went in to visit. It was nothing like what I expected. The person I spoke to on the phone tried to explain what he called the

We have a site we are proud of and impresses people. No doubt, without your technical backend, we wouldn't be near To it. Thanks to you both for getting here with us. We all deserve a moment's recognition. Here it is for you two. Thanks! Chris & Ginny

As a recent graduate of PC Age, I can say that I am satisfied with the quality of education that I received at PC Age. I enrolled at PC Age with no prior work experience in the IT or PC networking field. All I had was a genuine willingness to learn, interest and the dedication that goes with

Very efficient,kind, and caring got a permanent job through them and I had been out of the workforce for over 8 years.

They know what they are doing. They only hire the best talent. Hard to get through their technical interviews, the Interview panel is tought to get by, if you have not done your homework.

Oh wow, what a place to stay. It was awsome. The people that run this place will make you feel so at home. Let me just say I have never been at a place that not only has a full refrigerator, a two burner stove, nice clean rooms, but they also give you the dishes as well as other needed kitchen

This is a great training resource for those with limited computer knowledge.

Hi my name is emmanuel lee i am deaf i real love give new computer i dont have one i want new onw for my dream and my pray give new computer hard found one i try do my best that why i am deaf smile

I've been in the Computer/Network field for over 14 years now, half of my time was military and half has been civilian. During all these years I have never found the chance to get any of the certifications associated with our field. There was never enough time, or if there was the school schedule

This is an awesome company. Great customer service and great resource for ordering computer software and hardware!

This was my best service experience ever. I broke my laptop and I was desperate. It took a little while to get them on the phone (They were apparently very busy), but when I finally decided to just leave a voicemail, Ed called me back in about 10 minutes. They picked my laptop up from my office

Not so good on customer service, but great about billing me!

This is the greatest school ever. I love going to WTI. The teachers there are really great.

I love the work this company did for us. They were very easy to work with.

The fix your computer fast as 2 hours. they have a lot of customers and do their work fast as hell

MicroCAD has been an excellent partner to our firm for over 10 years. Their technical expertise has been invaluable to our software implementation process. I also recommend taking their training courses for any level user.

In home service at its best. On time on budget. Good work.

Just finished my BusinessObjects XI Users & Groups training. Excellent instructor, good classroom setting, and great content. I would highly recommend Woodburn for your BO training.

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Don't bother to waste your TIME and MONEY on schools like these and the like that aren't even accredited. they are not schools but simply bussiness's only there to take your money and alot of it. most of their certification classes are around the THOUSANDS!($3,500-$5,000) their a+ cert. is

My Laptop was repaired the right way on time at an affordable rate. Thank U 2U Computer Repair.

They have given me personal, in home service at a moments notice! I called on a weekend night and they came out within 30 minuites! I will definitely use them again!

Mac SOS is fast and reliable. They came out the same day and fixed my computer problem on-site. Thanks!

I try my best to do right by customers. If you are looking for Adobe training in Denver, please give us a try. - Sterling Ledet

Friendly And Courteous, with a no-nonsense attitude, fixed slow computer and made it 100 % better. Thanks!

They Came to my house, fix my computer that geek squad told me, could not be fixed, worked on it for two hours, and charged me $90. i am very happy, and what nice people

I found the classes to be extremely practical and. The instructors are open, friendly and actually seem to care about what they teach. It's nice to see computer training that focuses on skills I use in the real world instead of just technical jargon.

Jan is an awesome instructor - highly recommend ETR!

Even though that I like going to this school, I'm beginning to wonder if what I'm learning is helping me with what I'm getting into. I had one class that we did not do the lab until 3 days before the final and we mostly read out of the book for the whole semester, how am I so suppose to learn

Kids don't do homework here they go to myspace and listen to music

Great onsite staff, they dont chardge by the hour, Flat rates all the way, loved it, thx C2Fix

I got introduced to Insyte by someone who had taken classes there, and was a bit unsure if I should take courses there. After talking to the staff and the instructors, I felt so comfortable and decided to give it a try. The instructors helped me a lot, they were very patient with me as well

Great folks! Fast, Fair and Friendly, the highly knowledgable staff couldn't be more accomidating.

These guys fixed my computer quickly and explained in detail on how to avoid future problems. I am very thankful.

I attended this school for 4 years, and it was a great experience! All of my professors were very nice, helpful and educated people. Same with the staff in career services, academic records, the business office, financial aid, the library and the front office. They have 2 honor societies.Phi